UPDATE: Guillermo del Toro To Direct ‘Pacific Rim’?

Guillermo del ToroUPDATE: Mr. del Toro has officially confirmed his involvement with Pacific Rim and has made it clear that he will make it his next directorial project. At The Mountains Of Madness will not move forward at Universal Pictures (it is not known whether or not the project is dead at the studio or just on hold). Pacific Rim will begin production in September.

EARLIER: It’s hard to find anyone busier in Hollywood than Guillermo del Toro these days. He’s got his hands in so many big-budget baskets that it’s been difficult for him to commit to his next directorial effort. It was supposed to be his dream project, the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation At The Mountains Of Madness, but with Universal Pictures wary about a $150 million R-rated horror tentpole it seems less and less likely that he’ll be able to get it off the ground in the short term (despite having James Cameron on board as producer and Tom Cruise as the picture’s supposed star).

But Deadline says that the Mexican movie mogul isn’t about to rest on his laurels while the studio twiddles its thumbs. He’s now looking at another massive motion picture to be his next. Legendary Pictures has long been developing Pacific Rim with the filmmaker, a large scale monster epic that would call for the creation of an entire new world. That’s all very appealing to del Toro, as is the PG-13 script from Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans). Legendary had been moving on Pacific Rim independently from Warner Bros, where the company has a long-standing deal, but as of now there is no set distributor on the project.

So though there’s nothing definite to report on, we can tell you that Universal is weary about the cost of At The Mountains Of Madness and may shelve the project for the time being until the studio gets its priorities straight. In the meantime, del Toro could very well make Pacific Rim his next film, though you can’t count his Comic-Con-announced Haunted Mansion movie out either. More to come…  

Source: Deadline