Vampire Weekend: Vampire Picks For The Weekend of October 5th

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Finally: a Weekend Planner for all things undead. Funny no one thought of it sooner, but October seems like the perfect time to start. And you’re going to want to bookmark these ones, for sure.

Forever Tilda: No, Literally

Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film, The Only Lovers Left Alive, isn’t opening at the New York Film Festival until October 10th, but there are those nasty ticket lines. If they’re sold out before you get there, here are two reasons why it would be worth begging everyone you know for tickets. The film has been tearing it up at festivals. And Tilda Swinton will be there to talk about the film. So will Jarmusch and Jeffrey Wright, but they’re not androgyne goddeses.

3D Matinee

If you dig your vamps more tongue-in-cheek-lurid, master of horror Dario Argento’s latest offering, Argento’s Dracula 3D, opens at selected IFC screens on Oct 4th. If you don’t know the work of this cult director already, you should. In fact, stay in Friday night and download a mini-festival first. Once you’ve studied up, treat yourself to a giant popcorn and try the Saturday afternoon matinee: less lines, more 1950s.

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Dario Argento Master of Horror

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