10 “Very Nice” Facts About ‘Borat’

It’s been ten years since Sacha Baron Cohen first shocked the world with his satirical film, Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. In the film, Baron Cohen starred as the sexist, anti-Semitic Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev, who traveled throughout the USA offending unsuspecting Americans. However, what went on behind the camera was way more incredulous than the stuff that went down in the actual film. Here are 10 very nice facts about Borat.

1. While filming Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen got the police called on him 92 times.


A lawyer was kept on retainer throughout filming.

2. The suit that Baron Cohen wore while playing Borat was never cleaned….not even once.


That’s some real dedication if you ask us.

3. Speaking of dedication, a fake film company was set up to mislead people who were participating in the film.


One America Productions was formed and a “representative” would contact people saying a foreign correspondent was making a film about American life. On the day of the interviews, a release form would suddenly be produced, as well as financial compensation.

4. Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt were uncredited writers on the film.


Both comedians were uncredited because 80% of the film was unscripted and the writers spent their time guessing how real people would respond to Borat’s numerous questions.

5. There were only 4 actors in the entire film aside from Baron Cohen.


Ken Davitian snagged his role by deceiving Baron Cohen in his audition, comedian Luenell Campbell, Pamela Anderson and Adrian Cortez, a gay porn star who played Borat’s son were the only other people in on the joke. Everyone else involved thought Borat really was an immigrant studying American life.

6. The language Kazakh, it is mostly Hebrew disguised by a heavy fake Eastern European accent.


If you speak Hebrew then we’re  sure you picked up on a ton of inside jokes.

7. Borat broke the record for the biggest box office opening weekend ever for any film that opened in fewer than a thousand theaters.


Fahrenheit 9/11 which debuted in 2004 previously held that record.

8. Baron Cohen was nearly killed at his Rodeo appearance.


Baron Cohen angered the crowd at Virginia’s Salem Civic Center so much that they nearly rioted. He would have been shot if he’d stayed a minute longer.

9. After the Rodeo incident, director Todd Phillips quit.


Unofficially, he began receiving death threats and was terrified, officially Phillps exited the film because of “creative difference”.

10. Baron Cohen never broke character while filming.


He even stayed in character when he was being questioned by the Secret Service.