Video: Watch a Shocking News Report from ‘The Darkest Hour’

The Darkest Hour opens on Christmas day…but there is very little about it that can be called “merry.” As you can see in the below clip, the film is really embracing the apocalyptic horror that is attached to all of the greatest traditional alien invasion films. Below, we see a Russian journalist reporting rather uninterestedly on the economic climate of his country. Things take a quick turn when the supernatural overtakes the cityscape, and he and his cameraman are stunned. But their nerves aren’t the only thing that get shocked…

The film, directed by Chris Gorak, stars Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Rachael Harris, Joel Kinnaman and Max Minghella as a group of young adults who fight back against the invading aliens. You can catch the film in theaters starting on Dec. 25.