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Video: What’s the Most Romantic Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

ALTThere’s nothing concrete about romance. A fancy dinner, an expensive present, an emotional declaration, even a well-landed inside joke—anything can satisfy those hungry for love, but it’s all about personality.

Like the real life quirks of relationships, romantic movies are all about taste too. Finding a movie that tugs at your heartstrings isn’t a science, it’s all about you. Not every person wants to watch 90 minutes of separated lovers passionately kissing in the rain. Then again, plenty do!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the most romantic of romantic days, we turn the tables and put the question on you. What heartfelt, tearjerking cinematic experience takes the cake (or, in this case, the box of chocolates)? Check out what people are already saying by watching the video responses below, then make sure to record your own! Pour your heart out.

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