See Vin Diesel in ‘Game of Thrones’ The Movie! … I mean, ‘Riddick’ — PICS

Vin Diesel in 'Riddick'

So what happens to Joffrey Baratheon in the long run? Does he ever outgrow his insufferable moodiness? Does he, through the tragedies bound to face his amoral family, learn to take on a nobler perspective, pledging to lead life in the name of good? Does he lose his hair?

If so, then our theories about the upcoming Vin Diesel flick Riddick are correct: it’s really just a sequel to Game of Thrones. After all, there is no other way to explain the George R. R. Martinian cathedra upon which star Diesel sits in the above picture from the new movie.

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The film itself is a follow-up to Diesel’s previous Riddick movies, 2000’s Pitch Black and 2004’s Chronicles of Riddick. While it might disrupt the established continuity of the franchise to suggest that the whole thing is just one big over-the-top sequel to the fantasy drama TV show, the picture has us sold. And the second image, which you can see below? You just try and tell us that’s not Diesel fighting the exhaustive breath of a fire-spewing dragon.

Vin Diesel in 'Riddick'

The pics come courtesy of the actor’s renowned Facebook page, VinBook, which was also responsible for this majestyRiddick hits theaters Sept. 6… and then we’ll really see who’s right and who’s just been watching too much HBO.

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