Wait A Minute…Why Would The Wizards In ‘Harry Potter’ Celebrate Christmas?


If you’ve ever seen the Harry Potter films, you’ve probably drooled over Hogwarts’ amazing Christmas celebration — the floating candles and twinkling fairy lights. The Great Hall was so super festive.

Remember how awesome it looked? We all wanted to have a Hogwarts Christmas as children.


If you really think about it, Christmas at Howarts doesn’t make any sense. Why are wizards, who perform what muggles would consider miracles like it’s as easy as changing a channel with a TV remote, actually celebrating any Christian holiday?

This fan theory suggests there’s no possible way that anyone in the wizarding world would be Christian because the very spells they learn at Hogwarts would negate the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. 

In Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, Hermione turns vinegar into wine during Charms. Turning water into wine doesn’t seem like that much of a feat when any teenage girl could easily make it happen with a flick of her wand. Hermione also proves in the seventh book that you can multiply any food with a simple spell. This would turn that time Jesus multiplied fish and bread into nothing more than a well-played party trick. Then there’s the whole thing where Jesus rose from the dead. In Harry Potter, all that would mean was Jesus had a Horcrux.

One possible explanation is that Christmas is celebrated simply to preserve tradition, but there’s just no way that any wizard would think Jesus was the son of God. They’d merely think he was a pretty good Wizard.

What do you think? Can Christian wizards exist?

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