Walk The Black Carpet For The ‘Venom’ LA Premiere


If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Playing a comic book character is the most difficult job in acting, especially if it’s a popular character.

If it’s not done correctly, the best you can hope for is that no one talks about your film or associates you with the character. Worst is that it ruins your entire career. Tom Hardy played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, and he knows how popular Venom is in Spider-Man’s storyline, so if they can create a character that people will love, who knows what could happen down the road.

First, you have to create a good movie, and the cast thinks they’ve done that. In the above interview, walk the appropriate black carpet of the LA Premiere of ‘Venom’. Riz Ahmed tells us about Venom’s MO, Jenny Slate is just happy to wear a lab coat, Director Ruben Fleischer explains the importance of keeping true to the comics, Michelle Williams talks about the inside voices of Eddie and how good Tom Hardy is, and Tom Hardy talks about what’s to love about Venom, how to make Eddie and Venom different yet the same, and how important Venom is in the comic book world.


‘Venom’ releases October 5, 2018.