Walk The Red Carpet For ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ At Wembley


It’s been a long time coming for a Queen movie.

I remember years ago when Sasha Baron Cohen was announced being excited about it. Things didn’t go that way, and many wondered if we would ever see a queen movie, especially one with the actual music of Queen and approved by the living members. Now we are finally here.

The premiere had to be grand, as big as Queen and Freddie Mercury. The only place big enough is the historic Wembley Stadium, the place where Queen played the historic Live 8, where this movie ends. At the premiere Rami Malek loves being at Wembley, Ben Hardy is overwhelmed, Gwilym Lee discusses how close the band members got, Joseph Mazzello goes into becoming a rock star and how much he looks like a certain Queen member. Then we have Brian May and Roger Taylor discuss what they want audiences to take from their lives and how close they got it to be real, Aidan Gillen praises Rami, Lucy Boynton tells us what people love about Queen, and Michael Myers says how difficult it was to cast him.

Can’t wait for all the people to say how they’ve always been a fan of Queen.
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ releases November 2, 2018.