Walk The Red Carpet of ‘Red Sparrow’ Premiere

2018 will be the year of horror and strong female characters/leads, I guarantee it.

This isn’t a bad thing of course, it’s just a thing that is happening. ‘Annihilation’ is doing it with a basically all female with guns and armor cast going to save a man. Now ‘Red Sparrow’ has a strong female lead (Jennifer Lawrence) learning to use her female sexiness to lure her pray and kill them. This all changes when she meets the CIA OP and she begins to question everything.

In the above interview from the DC Premiere, hear from Director Francis Lawrence about what he thinks the movie is actually about, Joel Edgerton goes into why he loves spy thrillers and more specifically the kind that agendas are changed, Jennifer Lawrence tells us the reason she was ok with doing this film, then Edgerton goes into the survival of the film, and Jennifer talks about her love of the character.


‘Red Sparrow’ releases March 2, 2018.

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