Walk The Red Carpet of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’


With great power comes great responsibility.

Some important guy said that, and it’s true in comic book life as well as every day.

A lot of responsibility lied on young Tom Holland to make Spider-Man great. Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemed like a long shot with companies taking characters for their own franchises, it seemed like we would never see the day that Peter Parker would hang with Tony Stark until now. Companies came to an agreement and Friday the fruits of their labor will be shown to the public.

In the above video, watch a quick recap of the red carpet of the world premiere. Zendaya talks about how the film is about a real person as well as a superhero,  Marisa Tomei discusses how awesome it was to work with Tom, Stan Lee loves that how much people love the Marvel characters, Robert Downey Jr. sings the praise of how well Holland is doing in the public eye, Michael Keaton explains how he had to adjust to the Director’s vision, and Tom Holland shares the advice that Keaton gave him on being a super hero.


Spider-Man: Homecoming releases July 7, 2017.