Walk The Red Carpet of the ‘Atomic Blonde’ US Premiere


It takes a lot to be an action star.It takes more to be a good one.

It takes more to be a good one.

A director can make practically anyone look good with some fast cuts and swap out stunt doubles, That’s not enough for 87eleven Action Design. They’re the team behind John Wick, as well as John Wick, Chapter 2, and they’re the team behind the scenes of Charlize Theron and ‘Atomic Blonde’.

In the above interview walk the red carpet of the US Premiere of ‘Atomic Blonde’ and hear from the creators behind the Graphic Novel ‘The Coldest City’ that inspired the movie Antony Johnston and Sam Hart and hear what it’s like to have their comic turned into film, Stunt Coordinator Sam Hargrave tells us why it was so easy to work with Charlize as well as what actor was brought in to help train, Director David Leitch talks about why it’s so important to have an actor that can do those tough fight scenes for their films, and Charlize Theron gives credit to the behind the scenes guys as well as what she hopes for audiences.


‘Atomic Blonde’ is in theaters tomorrow, July 28, 2017.