Watch Things Get Deadly In Preview Clip For ‘Life’


One day people will learn, if you find an alien lifeform, just leave it there.

In ‘Life’, the crew aboard the International Space Station discovers the first ever life form from another planet on Mars. As many scientists would agree, this is ground-breaking stuff. The astronauts monitor the amazing discovery and of course, want to run tests on it. In the above clip, a scientist (Ariyon Bakare) gives minor shocks to the new lifeform to see how its muscles react to it. The creature gets grabby and things get deadly, and the Captain (Rebecca Ferguson) makes the tough decision to keep the thing contained at the risk of the scientist, despite Jack Harrison (Ryan Reynolds) willingness to risk his life to save him.

One day astronauts will learn, hopefully.


Life is in theaters on March 24, 2017.