Go Behind The Scenes Of Nate Parker’s ‘The Birth Of A Nation’


First-time Directors are kind of a gamble.

First-time Directors have a lot to prove, and a lot to prove to. They have to show they can manage a large number of people, get all the shots they need, the performance they need, all while within a budget and a time frame. For Nate Parker, ‘The Birth of A Nation’ was extra challenging, considering he wrote, produced, starred, and directed the film.

So how did he do? Critics gave him early Oscar buzz and ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ won both the Audience Award and the Grandy Jury Prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. The cast of the film knew Nate would do a great job. In the above interview, go behind the scene and watch Armie Hammer tell us how Nate’s confidence and planning got him into the project, Colman Domingo surprises us and talks about how the film is a love poem to slavery, Gabrielle Union was more proud of Nate then anyone else (including husband Dwayne Wade), and Nate discusses how he got his actors to give the best performance possible.


The Birth Of A Nation releases Friday, October 7, 2016.


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