Watch Jimmy Kimmel Discuss Hosting The Oscars


The Oscars are a fun night if you’re not up for anything.

You can go, or watch, see the celebs dressed to perfection, and have fun watching your favourites win well-deserved awards. If you’re up for an award, it can be nerve wrecking. Wondering if what you did can warrant an Oscar that you’ve dreamed of ever since you were young. It can be scarry for someone else too, the host of the show.

There have been so many great hosts of the award show; Billy CrystalSteve MartinWhoopi Goldberg and Hugh Jackman just to name a few. There have been some bombs, not to mention any names Anne Hathaway and James Franco, but this year things will be different. Host of ABC’s late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live himself, Jimmy Kimmel.

In the above interview, the Oscars Executive Producers tell us why they picked Jimmy to host and Jimmy Kimmel talks about hosting the Oscars for the first and last time, what failing means, and why he actually wants to host the event.


The The 89th Annual Academy Awards airs Sunday, February 26, 2017, at 7 eastern on ABC.

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