Watch one of the only interviews from the ‘Joker’ premiere

While most comic book film premieres are way over the top, the Joker took that and scaled it down a lot.

Unfortunately with the crazy nature of the Joker villain people tend to take that way too far. Warner and LAPD knew that, so they made the premier for the film a little bit smaller than normal, but luckily it makes sense for this kind of film. Normally at a premiere, the stars go down a line of press people asking questions. Warner Bros cut that out for this premiere, only allowing their staff to ask questions for media (luckily for us, and I’m sure the celebrities were fine with not having to answer a million questions). This and an escalated security and the premiere was quiet and went off without incident. But as I said, Warner allowed their people to ask questions, and here is one of the few interviews from the premiere.

In the above interview Joaquin Phoenix goes into diving into the script, Director Todd Phillips talks about how this film is different, Zazie Beets tells us why she did the film, Marc Maron explains how versatile the character of the Joker is for actors, Phoenix comes back to telling us how a particular point of the score inspired his movements, and Phillips returns to address how people should view the movie.


‘Joker’ releases on October 4, 2019.