Watch Emma Roberts & Dave Franco Discuss Dares In ‘Nerve’ Interview


Lionsgate’s newest film ‘Nerve’ is a game of dares where the dares get more and more dangerous and deadly.

The dares start out easy enough. Vee’s (Roberts) first dare is to kiss a stranger, so she chooses Ian (Franco).  The two are then partnered up for a game of dares throughout New York City. Dares are the escalated to trying on a dress, leaving a store, and getting a tattoo. Everything is awesome till things get serious and they become prisoners of the game.

So how hard could it be to shoot a movie about dares? Actually pretty hard according to the stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. In the above interview, the two take us behind the scenes of ‘Nerve’ and talk about their most difficult dares. Emma talks about that streaking scene, while Dave discusses learning to drive a motorcycle for the film.


Nerve has an early release tomorrow, July 27, 2016.