Watch Some Bonus Clips From The ‘Pinocchio’ Signature Collection

‘Pinocchio’ is a timeless Disney classic, and now, for the first time, it’s coming to Digital HD and Blu-ray in Walt Disney’s Signature Collection. Of course, you don’t just get the movie, but you also get some behind the scenes look at how Disney and his artists created the film.


Pete Docter who is responsible for Disney movies today like Inside OutUpMonsters, Inc.Toy Story and so many more films has Walt to thank for his career. In this clip, Pete explains how Walt Disney was able to take the creative efforts of many different artists down to what we know as Pinocchio today.


Pleasure Island is the scene where kids do pretty much whatever they want to do without repercussion, until of course, they are turned into Donkeys. In the above clip find out what Pleasure Island was originally called as well as Walt’s notes for the animators, in his actual voice.


Pinocchio – Walt Disney Signature Collection will be available tomorrow January 10, 2017, on Digital platform and Blu-ray January 31, 2017.