Watch The Action Packed New Trailer For ‘Power Rangers’


Back in 1993, kids everywhere were hit in the face with a new show from Japan. 5 teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight mythical beings in Power Rangers. The series developed into toys that every kid must have, multiple movies, and a ton of adaptations.

Now, the kids who watched the show have grown into 20 and 30 somethings who now have their own kids. Lionsgate took this and came up with a new ‘Power Rangers’ reboot movie. The second trailer dropped today, and reviews from fans of the original series seem to follow one thing. This looks so shitty and me and my kids are going to love it. Nostalgia is on overload, Bryan Cranston as Zodron and Bill Hader as Alpha 5 seems perfect, as does Elizabeth Banks as the evil Rita Repulsa, and probably most important; the film doesn’t look like it’s taking itself too seriously.


Power Rangers releases March 24, 2017.