Watch the ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ teaser and be excellent to each other

Back in the 90s there was a series of movies that shouldn’t have worked but really did. It followed two slackers in William S. Preston AKA Bill (Alex Winter) and Theodore Logan, AKA Ted (Keanu Reeves). The two were in a band “Wyld Stallyns” and if they didn’t pass their exam they would fail, and more importantly, have to quit the band. They would then find a time machine and go back in time to learn about history from the actual people who live it. Later, in their Bogus Journey where they had to make sure two robot doubles don’t kill their past selves.

Now, in the actual future, Bill & Ted are down on their luck. They’re performing for small audiences and no they need bigger. They know they can write the song that unites everyone, but they have writer’s block. They decide to travel forward in time to talk to themselves to steal the song that saves everyone.

Is it a silly concept? Yes. Do people need to learn to be more excellent to each other and party on?

For sure.


‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ releases on August 21, 2020.