Watch The First Human Alien In ‘The Space Between Us’ Trailer

A female astronaut goes to Mars to live in their first extended living colony, unfortunately, and unknown to NASA, she is pregnant. She has the baby on Mars, named Gardner (Asa Butterfield), but she does not make it past the pregnancy. Gardner is forced to be raised by astronauts because a scientist on earth, Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman) doesn’t think he would survive the trip to Earth. Gardner finds himself a penpal that he can talk to on video in Tulsa (Britt Robertson), but wants actual human interaction. Earth doesn’t even know he exists and 16 years after his birth Gardner wants to go back to Earth.

Unfortunately, when he gets there Shepherd keeps him locked up for tests and questions, but Gardner escapes to explore Earth for the first time.

The Space Between Us releases August 19, 2016.