Watch the full Trailer for Minions sequel ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’

People love Despicable Me, they love Gru, and they LOVE the Minions.

Personally, I can’t stand them, but after the last Minions spinoff movie, Universal and Dreamworks have about a Billion reasons why they should do another one. The Minions is basically the prequels of Despicable Me, and while the first film told the beginning of the little annoying yellow creatures, the sequel tells how Gru became into power.

Yeah, apparently you can’t just be a supervillain. Gru goes to the headquarters of the Vicious 6 to try to become the 6th member. The only problem is he’s 12. Too young and small to really become a villain. So in order to impress them, he steals their stone. The only problem with that, besides some angry evil people, is that he gives the stone to Otto, who then trades this stone for a Pet Rock, and there’s the movie.

Proof that the Minions are awful and Gru should get rid of them.
‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ releases on July 3, 2020.