Watch The Gruesome Trailer For ‘Alien: Covenant’


Christmas really was a day of surprise gifts.

First, Run The Jewels released their album “Run The Jewels 3” on iTunes. Then, in a surprise move, 20th Century Fox released the first trailer for Ridley Scott‘s newest film in the Alien franchise, ‘Alien: Covenant’.

In the movie, the spaceship Covenant comes across what they believe is an uncharted paradise planet. The world isn’t so great on the surface, and the only thing living there is David (Michael Fassbender), the android, possibly from Prometheus. The film has a stellar line up with Katherine WaterstonNoomi RapaceBilly CrudupJoel EdgertonDanny McBride and James Franco who was unlisted in credits but admitted in an interview that he would be in the film.

If the film is any bit as gruesome as the trailer, we are all in for a treat.


Alien: Covenant releases in theaters on May 19, 2017.