Watch the opening ceremony of Disney World’s ‘Rise of the Resistance’

Star Wars rides are a big deal.

The first one was Star Tours which brought guests for the first time inside the Star Wars universe. The next one wouldn’t come until years later when guests could literally (ok not literally) pilot the Millenium Falcon. The last (planned) ride just launched, with guests finding out what it’s like to rebel in ‘Rise of the Resistance’.

This ride is ambitious too. Disney says it’s their “most immersive, ambitious and technologically advanced attractions ever created for a Disney park”, and that’s saying something. The lines of fantasy and reality are blurred when guests come up against the first order.

To open a ride like this Disney had to go all out, and that includes getting X-Wings that go into lightspeed and all the Fireworks fit for a small country. In the above video hear from Chairman of Disney Parks Bob Chapek as he dives into the opening of the ride, with a couple of glimpses into what the ride holds.

I, for one, can not wait to ride this thing.


‘Rise of the Resistance’ is open now at Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and will be open at Disney Land on January 17, 2020.