Watch The Regal ‘Beauty and the Beast’ UK Premiere


When you sign up to do a movie as big as ‘Beauty and the Beast’, you know there will be a lot of work.

Not only does the actual film take months to rehearse, shoot, and reshoot, but press wants to do interviews. Not just in America, films like this are international. The first stop on this press tour was appropriately in London, and the stars had the perfect opportunity to really feel like they are in a Disney princess’ film.

In the above interview, Josh Gad talks about how the film is an extension of the old classic, Luke Evans and Sir Ian McKellen discuss how Emma Watson adds an extra spin to the independent nature of the character of Belle, Emma Thompson brings up how this film is a film that you can just be happy watching which is rare these days, Dan Stevens talks about the mix of computer generated technology exceeds his expectations, and Emma Watson tells us how she hopes people will feel after watching the film.


Beauty and the Beast will release March 17, 2017.