Watch The 20th Anniversary Trailer For ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen the classic ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ in theaters. Well you have an opportunity to see the film on the big screen in a special event.


The year was 1996. Robert Rodriguez had some success with independent films El Mariachi and Desperado and Quentin Tarantino had completed his films Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. The two decided to combine their filmmaking knowledge with Rodriguez as Director and Tarantino to write and star what would become ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, and now for it’s 20th anniversary can be seen once again in theaters.

In the film, two criminal and brothers Seth (George Clooney) and Richard Gecko (Tarantino) were on a crime and killing spree while heading to Mexico. The two then kidnap the further family including Jacob (Harvey Keitel) and Kate (Juliette Lewis) and when they stop at a bar, they discover the management and staff are actually vampires.


From Dusk Till Dawn will return to theaters on November 6 & 9 with a Q&A from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Be sure to get your tickets here.