Watch the Trailer for the Star Wars Skywalker Saga on Disney+

While people may or may not have loved what happened to their beloved trilogy, we should feel lucky that we were alive to see the entire Skywalker Saga.

Now the 9 films will be available to stream whenever we want.

From the moment A New Hope hit fans loved Star Wars. This fun story following the hero’s journey brought us to many unbelievable planets, with an incredible narrative, myth, lore, and more. For a while, it didn’t seem that we would ever see the final three films, but here we are at the end with the films complete, and now, we can watch at home. The films will be on Disney+ to stream over and over again to the heart’s content.


All Star Wars films in the Skywalker Saga including The Rise of Skywalker will be on Disney+ on May the 4th, May 4, 2020.