Watch the Trailer for World War I Epic ‘1917’

World War II is a pretty popular subject when it comes to war epics and there have been a ton of popular movies about it. WWI is less talked about with way fewer films, especially later on. As the greatest generation grows older it’s more important than ever to appreciate what they went through. Well, Sam Mendes is about to change that with his film 1917.

The trailer follows two young British soldier Schofield (George MacKay) and Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) who are given a task by their General (Colin Firth) to deliver a message. A battalion that Blake’s brother happens to be in is walking into a trap, probably killing 1600 men.

The trailer is haunting, to say the least. The shot at 1:20 where the boys are swimming through dead bodies is unsettling and literally running through a battlefield with explosions behind had to be terrifying. The thing that makes me most excited about this film is that Amblin has announced it will be a long take.


‘1917’ releases on January 10, 2020.