Packed with Diesel, ‘Riddick’ Clips Really Satisfy

Universal Pictures drops 3 more clips for Riddick, starring Vin Diesel, Karl Urban and Katee Sackhoff. I have to suspect that the choice in casting was a play on the heart-strings of sci-fi afficionados. Well with Sackhoff’s fan following from Battlestar and Urban’s growing fan base for his role as Bones in Star Trek, there’s a clear casting play to lure in the masses from ComicCon.

The clips may be dark and probably look a whole lot better on the big screen than they do here on the little-old interwebs but you get the picture. Personally, I loved Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury  and this sequel appears to have a better balance of deep Diesel grunts with dramatic acting. 

In the clip below, Sackhoff’s character Dahl guards Riddick with a touch of bravado and yet maintains some heated chemistry with her piercing looks and flirty jokes.

This last clip may be the best of the bunch as it dispays some pretty cool action, 1 pissed off monster, a Riddick groan and a helpless CG canine who’s sure to perish by scene end.

Check out Riddick in theaters September 6 and check back with for more sun-scorched Riddick action. Until then keep you’re running shoes tied tight and stay well hydrated because you never know when an alien race of nasty predators will drop by.


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