Watch Viola And Denzel Discuss Bringing ‘Fences’ To Film


‘Fences’ was already an award-winning play before Viola Davis and Denzel Washington ever got a chance to perform in it.

The play won the Pulitzer in 1987, as well as a Tony award for best play, as well as best actor for James Earl Jones, best actress for Mary Alice, and best director for Lloyd Richards. In 2010 Denzel and Viola brought the play back to theaters where it netted Best Revival as well as best actor and actress for the two stars.

Playwright August Wilson never wanted the play to be turned into a film, but after his passing, Denzel felt the duty to bring the story to the big screen. In the above interview, the cast talks about bringing this already great story to film. Denzel Washington discusses how it helped already knowing his character so well as well as how he directs his actors, Jovan Adepo talks about the differences about acting to a camera rather than a crowd, and Viola Davis tells us how Denzel wanted big performances, as well as who she based her character on.


Fences is out in theaters on Christmas, December 25, 2016.

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