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Watching ‘Free Guy’ in a Movie Theater Near Me

Hey, Hollywooders! What’s Good in the ‘Wood?

Free Guy is one of many new movies out now only in movie theaters and tbh, I’ve been looking forward to this new movie ever since I watched the trailer while seeing Voyagers at my local Cinemark.

The sci-fi action comedy Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a bank teller who realizes he’s actually an NPC (non-player character) in an open-world video game. He soon discovers that the game will be shut down by developers, so he goes on a heroic mission to save the video game.

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Alright, that’s all the background I’m going to give here. This is a SPOILER-FREE ZONE.

Where to stream Free Guy

You can’t stream Free Guy for at least 45 days, and who wants to wait that long?!

Trust us, the vivid detail and talented background actors make this movie necessary to watch on the big screen. If you’re vaccinated and follow our guide for safely going to the movies, we bet you’ll feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed watching Free Guy in your local movie theater.

Sadly, my plans to see Free Guy at a movie theater near me changed. Lucky for me, the Hollywood.com Concierge Team saved the day.

Due to an unexpected change of plans, I couldn’t see Free Guy on opening day ?

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Luckily, the Hollywood.com Concierge Team saved the day, going to see the 1:10 pm movie showtime on Friday at Cinemark.

Over the weekend, I asked Georgia, Nene, and William a few questions about their experience, begging them to keep their answers free of any spoilers since I plan to see it in movie theaters as soon as I can.

What Georgia thought about seeing Free Guy on the big screen: “It was great to sit with strangers and enjoy a movie together and then go our separate ways.”

When I asked Georgia about what it was like to watch a movie in theaters, she said “it made me feel like a little kid again. The excitement that I felt was like going to Disney for the first time.”

“I have not gone in a long time and it was great to be back,” Georgia says. “It was great to sit with strangers and enjoy a movie together and then go our separate ways. The smell of the buttery popcorn reminded me of when my mom would bring me popcorn from the movies as a surprise. It was very clean and not that many people were there so I had plenty of room.”

Georgia said Free Guy made her “think about life in a different perspective.”

So, how did it feel for Georgia to be back in a movie theater for the first time since the pandemic?

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“I felt great because my experience in the theater…was better than before covid,” Georgia says. “I also felt that I was missing out by not going to the movies. I know that if I want to plan a fun night, the movies are an option.”

What Nene thought about seeing Free Guy on the big screen: “I loved the IMAX experience”

Before seeing Free Guy, Nene hadn’t been to the movies since 2018. She opted to enjoy a hot dog, m&ms, and gummy bears. YUM.

Her first movie theater experience since 2018, Nene said it was exciting to be back.

“I loved the IMAX experience and the sound system was awesome,” she recalls. “The seats were comfy and the temperature of the theater was perfect. The previews were… a bit too long. But they made me want to come back to the theater to see a couple of new movies coming out.”

What William thought about seeing Free Guy on the big screen: “If you want that true escape from reality and pure fantasy, then you need watch Free Guy.” 

If you ask William about the first movie he saw in theaters, he’ll vividly describe his experience and how it made him want to become a Hollywood movie director.

Before Free Guy, William’s last time at the movies was to see Joker with his cousin back in November 2019, so his return to the movie theater was loooong overdue, but he shared that he felt “a bit hesitant” to go back to the movies. “Because I live with my 90-year-old grandmother and 69-year old-mother I want to do whatever I can to keep them safe,” he says. Totally makes sense!

His experience made him feel a lot more comfortable, though.

“After walking into the theater it was clear that they want to keep people safe and they take the situation seriously,” he says. “ I felt safe going because the people that were there to enjoy the movie were taking it seriously…We are all people that have a love for movies and being able to see our favorite actors and movies on the big screen, so seeing the patrons and the staff take cleanliness seriously while not hindering the movie going experience was a blessing…All in all it was a truly welcome experience and one that I will be sure to enjoy again the future.”

Leaving the theater, William said he “felt like we are finally at a place where going to the theater is once again a viable option and that made me feel good and extremely happy. While streaming movies online is fine and dandy, there is nothing quite like going to the theater and watching your favorite films play out on the big screen, the way the filmmakers truly intended it.”

I couldn’t agree more!

As for movie theater snacks, William mentioned all of the safety measures in place, with staff members wearing gloves and everything but movie theater popcorn being prepackaged. He went with his “staple” for any movie going experience: a hot dog and a bottle of water. CLASSIC.

So, what did a passionate movie lover like William think about the movie Free Guy?

“If you are a fan of video games like The Sims, game development, and all around comedy, then this is a movie for you,” he says. “It had heart and is a movie that you can bring your kids to see. It is a movie that has brought Ryan Reynolds back to his comedy roots, albeit without the raunchy humor. It’s the type of movie that you can go watch if you need a break from reality.”

Okay, I’m sold. Are you?

Buy Free Guy movie tickets now.

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