12 Ways ‘Bring It On’ Was Absolutely Perfect

Bring It On was so amazing that they tried to replicate its perfection four times! Of course it never worked, but that’s okay. If we want a great cheerleader movie, we just watch the original. In case you have forgotten, here are 12 ways this movie was the best cheerocracy.

1. It has the greatest opening ever.

Beacon Communications/Tumblr

2. The Clovers’ burns were intense.

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3. It has given us great ammo for when we want to be cheerful while insulting someone.

sidewindervx: To ones enemies.Beacon Communications/Tumblr

4. Spirit fingers made us laugh, but also helped us work on our technique.

Beacon Communications/Tumblr

5. The song Cliff makes is amazing.

reaction animated GIF Beacon Communications/Giphy

6. It showed how hardcore cheerleading actually is.

teendotcom: 8 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Bring It OnBeacon Communications/Tumblr

7. It pointed out how stupid it is to bully male cheerleaders.

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8. We still live for the bloopers during the credits.

funnynhilariousgif: More Funny and Hilarious Gifs >>Beacon Communications/Tumblr

9. We can’t get enough of Whitney and Courtney.

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10. How Missy and Cliff treated each other made us feel normal about how we interact with our siblings.

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11. We were also weirdly attracted to Cliff.

franeurysm: look at that stupid fucking smile and that stupid fucking lip-biteBeacon Communications/Tumblr

12. The right team won in the end.

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