‘We Are What We Are’ Trailer Scares with Creepy Intensity, Not Excess Gore

The trailer for We Are What We Are is just dripping with gothic imagery. It looks like the sort of film that riles up the senses and lets the tension scare you rather than relying on the blood splatter. The trailer is filled with stern glances, overly formal dinner scenes, and a lot of creepy prayer. Something foul is definitely going on with this family.

In this remake of a 2010 Mexican film, the Catskills take the place of Mexico. During a stormy day, when the matriarch of a family dies due to a sudden illness, it’s up to her husband and two children to carry on some secret family “traditions.” Whatever these traditions may be, they probably have something to do with the human remains washing up on the riverbanks and the town’s long list of missing persons dating back 20 years.

We Are What We Are

The setting of the film looks to be a town with a deep history filled with secrets. One that isn’t exactly friendly to curious eyes and ears. If the trailer is any indication, We Are What We Are looks like the type of slow burning creepy horror film for the festival crowd.  It’s atmospheric and moody, and the eerie music builds until a final scene at the dinner table. I wonder what’s being served?

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