Wes Anderson Casts Johnny Depp in New Quirky Indie Film

johnny depp wes andersonI’m going to go out on a hyperbolic limb here: the greatest casting news in the history of cinema has arrived! (OK so some people will possibly not agree with me 100% on this one…) But indie twee darling Wes Anderson has officially signed up mega-superstar Johnny Depp to star in his next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

It’s been no secret for awhile that Anderson’s been thinking bigger is better in terms of casting for this next feature of his, revealing that he’d ideally cast Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe and Angela Lansbury in addition to Depp for his next endeavor earlier this year.

Anderson is planning to combine forces with his Moonrise Kingdom collaborators Scott Rudin and Steven Rales again.

Now, nothing is known about the plot for this film, but knowing Anderson’s style and Depp’s acting chops, we’d like to suggest a few options. If you need a co-writer on the script feel free to shoot us an email, Anderson.

– Running the Grand budapest is serious business. And when the wary travelers end up in the run-down but charming hotel they are met by its owner, expat Barney C. Tollwaithe (Depp). Barn (as he is affectionately called by the locals) is a semi-practicing Buddhist with a penchant for hookah smoking, philosophical banter, and drinking absinthe out of a wooden shoe. He is an indirect descendent of Lajos Batthyány (an executed Hungarian Prime Minister from 1849). He has returned to Hungary to uncover the conspiracy against Batthyány. He is also a part-time professional quilter.

– Hungary’s legendary taxi driver Bence Zsombor (Depp) has been on the underground racing circuit in Budapest for years, but hasn’t made enough money to officially enter himself into any professional competitions, as his dreams are continually dashed by his addiction to miniature dollhouses. He is the unofficial driver of all the guests at The Grand Budapest Hotel, as he is also one of three taxi drivers in the city, and faster than all of them.

– Walter Reginald Ward is a midlife-crisis-facing children’s book editor that dreams of being a stay-at-home dad, only he doesn’t have any children or marriage prospects, from being a recluse. Afraid or everything, when his pet parakeet (Percy) dies, he realizes that life is too short to be scared, and he is determined to take back his life. He quits his job and travels to Budapest (home of his great-grandparents: the last great love story he’s ever known) to find himself and the secret to love. He goes on several wacky adventures with the locals before ending up at The Grand Budapest Hotel where he falls for a fellow traveler, the one-legged former Olympic runner Azalea Pennyworth of Southwestern England. Will Walter find himself in the love of a woman at last or will his fears keep him in perpetual solitude?

Are you excited about this casting development? Are you a fan of Anderson and Depp? Sound off in the comments!


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