What It’s Like To Play The Obamas’ In ‘Southside With You’ Interview


First dates happen all the time, who knows when or what will happen if they work out?

We all know what eventually happens to Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama, but what started it? Back in 1989, Michelle was a lawyer and Barack was a young associate who wanted to steal her heart. The story of their first date was not a storybook romance, Obama had to fight to get Michelle to even go on this date, but the two ended up going to see Spike Lee‘s Do the Right Thing, go get ice cream, and eventually get married become First Lady and President of the United States.

Playing someone who existed can be tough, playing someone who’s currently the leader of the free world and his wife can be even tougher. In the above interview, Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers discuss how they went about to playing the Michelle and Barack, and friend of the Obama’s (and Executive Producer) John Legend tells us how he thinks the Obama’s will like the portrayal.


Southside With You comes out tomorrow, August 19, 2016.