What’s Happening at NY ‘s Comic Con

Thousands of revved-up fans will descend upon Comic Con in New York this weekend, anxiously awaiting a glimpse at some of sci-fi’s hottest upcoming releases.

There will be sneak peeks of highly anticipated wide releases, such as Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, and Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker. Special guest Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other shows, presents his latest buzz project Dollhouse — an upcoming series starring Eliza Dushku about an illegal underground house in which everyone’s personalities have been wiped clean.

The animated movie Wonder Woman (with the vocal talent of Keri Russell, Rosario Dawson and more) makes its premiere. Eric McCormack (Free Enterprise), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), and Dan Lauria will be around for a screening of their “recently unearthed”, 1957 “lost” sci-fi epic, Alien Trespass. And Yatterman, Takashi Miike’s giant robot movie, will be there — with Japanese superstar Sho Sakurai in attendance.

Also on the menu: a special screening presentation of Pixar’s Up, a comedy adventure about a balloon salesman, and Disney’s Surrogates starring Bruce Willis, in which humans live their lives remotely via robotic surrogates. Also not to be missed, a screening of S. Darko, the upcoming sequel to the cult favorite Donnie Darko, which follows Samantha Darko, the younger sister of Donnie.

Also, high-profilers on the scene will be: Seth Green (Austin Powers, Family Guy, Robot ChickenDerek Mears (Jason in Friday the 13th); Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of legendary HipHop group RUN DMC; rapper/author Chuck D; Fringe‘s John Noble and Jasika Nicole; director Bill PlymptonTerminator Salvation director McG; and Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, to name a few.

The East Coast’s popular culture convention also plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, videogames and toys. For a complete list of screenings, programming and other cool stuff, check out the official website.

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