What Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Movie Says About You

The AvengersWalt Disney Co. via Everett Collection

While every Marvel film to date has culled inspiration from a handful of the same comic book series, the studio has done a great job with diversifying its offerings to suit every taste. From Iron Man‘s unwavering confidence to The Incredible Hulk‘s appetite for destruction, your favorite Marvel movie speaks volumes about what kind of person you are. Here’s what your favorite Marvel movie says about you.  

Iron Man 
Who are you:
You’re the trendsetter. You have a type-A personality that’s full of swaggering confidence, and you’re not afraid to plunge into the unknown. You’re prone to start great things. You’re also pretty funny and like to quip incessently about everything and anything. Bigger and better things will undoubtedly follow after you’re gone, but people won’t forget that you’re the one that started it all.

Iron Man 2
Who are you:
You know that first guy that liked Iron Man so much? Yeah, you’re that guy’s shadow. You try to ape what was so great about him. You wear the same kinds of clothes, and try to act that same way, but you don’t need to be as smart as Tony Stark to know that you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not. You’re a pale and disappointing imitation of something greater. You’d be better served to try out your own thing, than trying to imitate others.

Iron Man  3
Who are you:
You’re unique. You march by the beat of your own drum and subvert expectations. You like changes to the status quo, and just because a movie might throw you for a couple curveballs and do some things that aren’t totally by the book, you value daring. You know that an original movie trumps a faithful one every time.

Who are you:
You’re a jack of all trades. While just looking at you might give off the impression that you’re a small-minded gym rat, your heart truly belongs to the theater. You’re a student of Shakespeare and love a good melodrama about tragic kingdoms, betrayal, patricide. Because really, Thor is basically a cosmic version of something like Hamlet or Macbeth… except, you know, with frost giants and Kat Dennings. Hidden depths.

Thor: The Dark World
Who are you:
You just want to have a good time. You’re not an especially deep or nuanced person, but you know how to get down when it’s time to party. You let other people worry about being deep and complicated. For you, it’s all about instant gratification. A movie doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. All you need is a couple of hours of wiz-bang action, and you’re satisfied. 

Captain America: The First Avenger
Who are you: You’ve got an old soul. New and flashy things are fine and all, but you truly enjoy the joints with a vintage style. History books line your shelves, and those old school Spielberg flicks get your nostalgia engine firing on all cylinders. 

The Incredible Hulk
Who are you:
You’re destructive. Breaking things into a million little pieces fires all the right synapses in your brain, and likewise, seeing a giant rage monster crumbling entire city blocks into dust is your idea of a great night at the movies. Your temper has gotten you into trouble in the past and you’ve been told countless times about the virtues of keeping your anger in check, but who needs peace and calm when blind rage is so liberating.

The Avengers
Who are you:
You’re a team player, and you love taking charge over a team of knuckle heads and accomplishing a goal. You get a contact high from seeing people strive towards something greater than what they could have accomplished alone. Beyond your love of team building, you’re a crowd pleaser. You’re dripping with charisma and you can entertain for hours on end.