What Your Movie Poster Says About You

Animal House
<em>Animal House</em>
Universal Pictures
I was a dweeb in high school but I'm hoping joining the right fraternity will make up up for it in college. Warning: I'll probably projectile on you the first time I do a keg stand.
Annie Hall
<em>Annie Hall</em>
MGM/UA Home Entertainment
The key to my heart? Waxing poetic about Manhattan (I'm totally moving there after graduation!) while sharing a clove cigarette, witty intellectual banter, nebbish boys and using ironic hashtags.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
<em>Breakfast at Tiffany's</em>
Paramount Pictures
I'm a classy girl with an old soul who likes to dress in pearls, but if you tell me I look like Audrey Hepburn, I'll definitely sleep with you.
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Warner Bros.
I'm a romantic who raises my hand too much in class and likes how saying I prefer old movies makes me seem sophisticated. Isn't Bogie so timeless? If you don't leave my room soon, I'll ask you to join the literary society I'm starting.
The Big Lebowski
<em>The Big Lebowski</em>
Gramercy Pictures
I'm totally awesome in that "non-confrontational, I really just want to blend in" sort of way. I haven’t done laundry since Parent's Weekend (thanks, mom) and I'm taking poly sci to get by.
The Breakfast Club
<em>The Breakfast Club</em>
Universal Pictures
I heart the '80s because Urban Outfitters tells me to. I identify with the misfits and underdogs but I don't acknowledge them in the dining hall. I'll smoke your weed but I won't inhale. My favorite word is "vintage."
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The Hangover
<em>The Hangover</em>
Warner Bros.
The Animal House poster was sold out at the campus bookstore.