What’s So Scary About ‘Lights Out’ Video Interview


The fear of the unknown is a fear that terrorizes a lot of people.

It’s not so much as what does happen, but the fear of what could happen that shakes people the most. For children when the lights go out they are scared of what could be lurking in the shadows. Normal piles of clothes or tree branch shadows now become scary for them. That fear follows people into adulthood. it’s also the exact fear that leads Director David Sandberg to make a short film for the Bloody Cuts horror film contest, win that contest in 2013, and have that short be watched by over a million people on youtube. Now Warner Bros have had David expand that short into one scary feature film in ‘Lights Out’.

In the above interview, Director David Sandberg, Producer (and horror guru) James WanTeresa Palmer, and Maria Bello all say why they think ‘Lights Out’ absolutely terrifies people.


Lights Out releases on Friday, July 22, 2016.

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