Why Angry Is Ok With The Cast of ‘Angry Birds’ Interview

We’ve all played some version of the mobile game Angry Birds. The original launched in December of 2009 and since then we’ve had a total of 13 sequels or spinoffs, so of course, a movie was bound to happen to bank on the success. ‘Angry Birds’ the movie begins with all of the birds on an island and they aren’t angry, they are just happy flightless birds… Except for Red (Sudeikis).

Red is angry. Red’s been angry all of his life. Red becomes friends with two birds in, of course, an anger management class. One is a speedster named Chuck (Gad) and the other is Bomb (McBride), a bird with an explosive personality. When a pig named Leonard (Bill Hader) and his minions come to visit the bird island Red doesn’t trust him. The other birds shrug him off thinking he is just angry, but as it turns out, he was right not to trust them. The pigs take all of the eggs and it’s up to Red and his angry birds to attack the pigs via slingshot to save the day.

Being angry always has such a harsh stigma to it. If you’re angry you’re bad. But sometimes you need to get angry and that’s ok. In this interview, the stars of ‘Angry Birds’ including Jason SudeikisJosh GadMaya RudolphDanny McBrideKeegan-Michael Key, and Peter Dinklage discuss why being angry can be ok sometimes:


Angry Birds releases May 20, 2016.