Why Daniel Radcliffe May Be On A Watch List In This ‘Imperium’ Video Interview


Daniel Radcliffe has taken on some interesting roles since his days as Harry Potter.

Radcliffe has done quite an assortment of roles, like being the devil in Horns, Igor in Victor Frankenstein, a dog walker in Trainwreck, and even a human zombie tool thing in Swiss Army Man. In his latest film ‘Imperium’ he takes on the role of an FBI agent who goes undercover as a neo-nazi.

‘Imperium’ is based on the true story of Michael German. The film doesn’t follow a particular case of Mr. Germans, rather taken from different parts of what he went through. In it, Nate Foster (Radcliffe) is a young FBI agent who is sent undercover to a white-supremacist group to find out the group has a bomb and they plan to use it.

For this role, Radcliffe had to prepare, and in doing so, he thinks he may have ended up on a terrorist watch list. Find out why in the above interview, as well as what it was like to cut off his practically trademarked hair.


Imperium is out now in limited theaters and video.