Why Steven Spielberg Will Never Make A ‘Star Wars’ Film

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story recently revealed Forest Whitaker’s character to be Saw Gerrera, a freedom fighter with a rich history in the Star Wars universe. Gerrera fought along side Darth Vader when he was just Anakin Skywalker. Whitaker’s character was surrounded by much speculation since he was spotted in the trailer, but now that Star Wars revealed those details, we’ve already moved on to something new — how Steven Spielberg said he’d never direct a Star Wars film.

What? Why! Spielberg has an all-star record of directing in the science fiction realm, but he just wont touch his beloved friend’s series.

He spoke to the Toronto Sun about his choice to steer clear of the saga. He said:

“I’m never going to make a Star Wars film. That’s not my genre. It’s certainly my buddy’s — the Thomas Edison of science fiction, George Lucas, who created the entire series. But that was never for me. I’m just a fan; I’m just with everybody else in the audience watching them.”

Once Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, there’s no one person in charge of the Star Wars universe. That could be disastrous when put in the wrong hands but leaves endless possibilities for Star Wars films to come. Spielberg has a proven blockbuster hit record and is behind amazing sci-fi movies like War Of The Worlds and Minority Report. Star Wars certainly feels like Spielberg’s genre, but maybe he just doesn’t think he’d do it as much justice as George Lucas who originally created the lush history of the film’s incredibly detailed world.

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