Why Tom Holland Is The Best Spider-Man Yet Interview


Spider-Man is easily one of, if not the, most popular superhero ever.

The comic book hero has had multiple movies out and now in it’s the third incarnation it feels like the hero is finally getting some justice. In the past, big name actors like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have had their try at it, but now it seems like the studios got Peter Parker right.

Spider-Man shouldn’t be as popular as he is from the outside. People hate spiders, He isn’t that powerful, and he’s kind of nerdy, so why do people love Spider-Man? It’s because he’s the most relatable hero. He’s not an alien or a billionaire, or anything like that, Spider-Man is Peter Parker, a young kid who has to deal with girls, friends, and school as well as saving the universe. Everyone can relate to that.

In the above interview President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige discusses what it’s like for Peter to go from Civil War back to high school, Robert Downey Jr. tells us why Tony Stark helps Peter with all of his tech, Peter’s friends in the film Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier talk about why kids can relate to Peter’s problems, Michael Keaton explains his character’s complexity, and Tom Holland dives into exploring the character.


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ releases July 7, 2017.