Will and Julia’s relationship is going ‘Downhill’ in first Trailer

Picture this; you’re older, you’re married, you have a couple of kids, everything seems good. But what happens when one of those things isn’t as good as it seems?

That’s what happens in the new film ‘Downhill’. Pete (Will Ferrell) and Billie (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are married with children and have decided to take a vacation to go skiing. The family is enjoying the cold weather when all of a sudden an avalanche starts to happen. Billie grabs the kids in fear while Pete grabs his phone and runs for cover (well the best he can in snowboots). This was all a routine test (that apparently the couple should have known about) but now Billie questions Peter, their relationship, and their future.


‘Downhill’ releases on (an appropriate) February 14, 2020.