Will Ferrell Talks Nude Scenes and Stunt-Butts in ‘Casa de mi Padre’

8126326.jpgCultures collide in uproarious fashion when Will Ferrell heads south of the border for his latest comedy, Casa de mi Padre. Ostensibly conceived as a broad satire of telenovelas, those fabulously over-the-top melodramas that have been a staple of Spanish-language television for decades, Casa de mi Padre counts as a significant departure for Ferrell, who speaks entirely in Spanish (with subtitles, of course) in the role of Armando Alvarez, the earnest but dimwitted son of a Mexican rancher besieged by local drug gangs.

Though Casa de mi Padre finds the funnyman in unfamiliar territory, Ferrell’s fans will nonetheless glimpse a familiar side of him in the film – specifically, his backside. Throughout his blockbuster career, Ferrell has never been afraid to bare all for a big laugh … or a small one … or for seemingly no reason whatsoever. But even an actor as thoroughly accustomed to on-screen nudity as Ferrell could us a little help once in a while. On those occasions, he calls on Rob Murchison, his longtime stunt-butt, to pinch-hit for him.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood.com, Ferrell discussed stunt-butts, cross-cultural comedy, and his new Spanish nickname, Chicharito (given for his uncanny resemblance to a certain Manchester United striker):

Casa de mi Padre co-stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Genesis Rodriguez, and Diego Luna. It opens in select theaters this Friday, March 16, 2012.

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