Will Smith and Martin Lawrence talk about ‘Bad Boys’

Way back in 1995 ‘Bad Boys’ came out and shook the world.

Then tv stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starred as two Miami police detectives who did whatever they wanted in order to get the guy. Critics hated it, but sometimes what do they know? The two films made over 414 million dollars and now, 17 years after the 2nd film, the two would come back.

So here’s the tough question, how do you recreate what fans loved over 17 years ago (25 if you go before the first film)? Well, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are the perfect guys to tell you. In the above interview, the two discuss what worked in the first film, what they wanted to make sure they had in the sequel, and what’s changed for the two of them.


‘Bad Boys For Life’ releases on January 17, 2020.