Will Smith Takes On Himself In ‘Gemini Man’ Trailer


What’s better than Will Smith?

What about two of em?

In his newest film ‘Gemini Man’ directed by the great Ang Lee, Will plays a hitman, one of the best. He’s having trouble with his latest hit. He knows everything he’s going to do before he does it and just can’t kill him. As it turns out when he finally gets him face to face, he sees the familiar face of a younger him. The thing I really find interesting is the why question. Why is this younger version different than him, why is he rebelling and why do they want him killed.

If you’re like me and wondering why this looks so weird, is that most films are shot at about 24 (23.98 if you want to get technical), and this film is apparently at 120 fps. Ang also did this for his film ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’. The picture may look smoother with a lot less blur in the action scenes, but up to the viewer on which is better for them.


‘Gemini Man’ releases on October 11, 2019.