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This Is What ‘Wolverine’ Looks Like When He’s Happy — POSTER

If you were a young mutant who watched your father get murdered, and then had to deal with animalistic compulsions and claws sprouting from every which crevice of your admittedly well-manufactured physique, you’d probably be a tad miffed as well. So don’t blame Hugh Jackman for looking rather moody in the below poster for The Wolverine, his second solo feature in the X-Men franchise.

As the world seems to crumble around him, Wolverine — Logan, James Howlett, Patch, whatever you wanna call him — himself seems to be crumbling, his humanity engaged in unceasing war with the monster brewing inside of him. Either that or he’s just cold. Put a shirt on, Hugh, it’s still flu season!

The Wolverine Poster

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Wolverine hits theaters July 26, with the even more exciting X-Men: Days of Future past slated for summer 2014.

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[Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox/Marvel]

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