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‘Wonder Woman’ Guru Urges Producers to Find a New Star

Movie mogul Ron Samuels is challenging the producers of the much anticipated new Wonder Woman film to find an unknown to play the lead–or risk another Catwoman debacle.

A former top Tinseltown agent, Samuels discovered TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and married her, and he’s now offering Joel Silver and the big names behind the new film timely advice–get someone new.

Samuels is far from impressed with any of the actresses supposedly in the running for the new role–including Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle Gellar–because they’re hardly statuesque beauties.

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And he thinks producers are heading for a flop if they try and turn a known star into the superheroine.

He says, “You have to go out and find the unknown who has all the qualities of Wonder Woman. That’s what they did with Lynda (Carter)–she was Wonder Woman.

“She was six feet tall, absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

“It’s a cop out to go with these stars. The only way to go is to have some guts, trust your instincts, do a nationwide search and create an all-new Wonder Woman.

“Look at what happened to Catwoman with Halle Berry. That film fell into the toilet because everyone felt they needed to go with a name. The fans aren’t stupid.”

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