‘Wonder Woman’ Shows Off Its Villain In Final Trailer


Fans have been excited for ‘Wonder Woman’ ever since Gal Gadot she first appeared in the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Finally, a female will shine in a comic book movie, and who better than Diana Prince? The first two trailers were released, and we know the setting/time that the films would take place, but who would be the nemesis to the princess? Who could be so bad that the princess of the Amazons would have to leave her home and join the battle with the humans?

Wait no longer, Warner finally showed off who it would be. Doctor Poison appeared when Wonder Woman was fighting the Nazis in WWII, but in the film she will appear during WWI. Played by Elena Anaya, this half masked villain is a master of poisons and toxins. We don’t know her ultimate plan, but luckily for the humans, they have Wonder Woman to help out.


Wonder Woman releases June 2, 2017.